Our Mission

Genetix Consulting specializes in sustainable gardening because we know how important an organic, chemical free existence is to both our clients as well as our employees. We make it our mission to educate fellow cultivators in ways that will enhance the cannabis community and their crops.

Our History

Genetix Consulting has 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry. We have watched people who need cannabis for the preservation of their daily lives struggle to obtain the medicine they require, and are enthused to see the progress finally being made. All of our team members have started at the bottom of the business and with a unique tenacity and dedication have become industry experts. Learning from the ground up has helped our cannabis consultants understand every aspect that goes into building and maintaining a successful cannabis business.

Our Team

Genetix Consulting is based out of Ontario, and services the ever expanding community of growers throughout Canada. Our consulting team is comprised of industry experts specializing in cannabis operations. Genetix’s founder has a love and devotion for the cannabis industry and has worked to better the cannabis community.  He has a passion for this industry and a wealth of knowledge to share with our clients to improve the natural, healthier lifestyle we all seek.