Cultivation Consultation


Starting Out

Starting a new cannabis operation can seem overwhelming. Finding the right soil, lights and fertilizers are only a few of the things you will need to think about when starting out. Having the right information to make sure your operation functions well and is easy to maintain is an important part of the beginning stages. Genetix Consulting can help you cultivate your cannabis from a seedling.

Improving Current

If you currently have an existing grow and want to increase your yield, improve operating procedures, go organic or overhaul your operation, trust Genetix Consulting to develop the best plan of action for you.

Enhance Harvest

Not only is it important to be able to cultivate your cannabis but it is essential to be able to generate high quality product. We offer crop enhancement services if you want your product to be premium quality while still being a generous size.  


Sustainable Gardening

Sustainable gardening is becoming more significant in the food industry and should be made a priority when growing cannabis as well. Organic, renewable, biological and chemical free methods of cultivating your cannabis will produce wholesome plants that are not only better for your health but they won’t pollute the soil that future plants are harvested in. Cannabis cultivation is able to be included in a sustainable lifestyle and Genetix Consulting can assist you in making this happen. We offer consultation for those who wish to foster sustainable gardening for a healthier life.   

Home Gardening

Knowing where your cannabis is coming from is becoming more and more important in a world of pesticides and poisons. Having a home garden is the best possible way of guaranteeing your cannabis meets your expectations. You can choose to use organic biological growing methods to cultivate healthier cannabis plants. Genetix Consulting offers consultation with a Master Grower who can show you how to set up a renewable, sustainable garden that leaves a smaller carbon footprint in comparison to other growing methods.

Seed Selection

High-quality seeds are a vital part of producing premium cannabis. With so many different sites for purchasing seeds and so many strains to choose from it can be an overwhelming task. We offer seed selection consultations to help you choose the best strains for you and ensure you receive the highest quality of seeds for your growing needs. 

Procedural Training

Genetix Consulting offers training for standard operating procedures with Licensed Producers (LP) from the very beginning to harvest day. Knowing verified best practices will earn you a better crop and help your operation run smoothly.